Forgive and Forget You Say? 

We all make mistakes, we have all been mistaken. People are doing the best they can with the resources they have available.....some people have very few resources available, on whatever level that might be.

In hindsight, we sometimes feel we did the wrong thing or the choice we made appears to have bad consequences. It doesn’t make us a bad person or someone who can never be trusted again. If we learn from it then it wasn’t a mistake, it becomes a valuable life experience which means we can forgive ourselves or the situation and let it go.

Because unless you let it go, unless you forgive the situation and/or yourself, then you remain attached to it and therefore stuck in life. It’s when you arrive at the realisation that in fact the situation in over, it’s done....then you can move forward.

Give It All You Got! A Message About Commitment 

Half hearted efforts in any area of endeavour rarely create success. Whether that’s an entrepreneur setting up a new business, the start of a new relationship, weight loss or embarking on another life style change, you are more likely to succeed when you commit to what you are choosing to do.

One thing I have discovered on a personal and professional level is that the key ingredient to success is commitment. However cliché that might sound!

I coach lots of women who want to find their perfect partner and on that journey from the idea of getting into a relationship to finding the man or woman of their dreams lies a minefield of obstacles, fears, anxiety as well as possible rejection and discouragement. The only way to overcome these barriers is total commitment to the desired goal.

Trust Your Intuition 

Do you trust your intuition? How many times, in hindsight, have you said, “Oh, I knew I shouldn’t have done that!!”
How often have you heard a quiet voice in your mind say X but then you’ve talked yourself into doing Y......and then wondered why you did it!
Trusting your intuition means listening to that quiet voice, as it’s your inner wisdom, your personal guru who wants to help guide you and keep you on track. Whether it’s what you need to do, or what action to take or changes to be made in your life, your inner advisor is providing you with information all the time.