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Our Advanced Conversational Hypnosis Training - ideal for anyone who wants to become more influential, persuasive and confident. So whether you want to make improvements in your business or career, enhance your relationship, increase your sales, become more effective as a coach, educator or parent then this is the training for you. Whether you are new to hypnosis or have experience in this field, we know that this is a valuable training and is highly rewarding.

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Are you dying to be right? 

Are you dying to be right?

An interesting process frame for Coaching that we talk about in NLP Coaching as part of our NLP Practitioner Certification program is the idea of people who die to be right.

Whatever you choose to believe, you always get to be right. You will also cause that belief to be true for you. This is really an important concept to get your head around because it has a massive influence on the results that you get or don't get in your life.

Instead of admitting that something isn't work, some people would die to be right. We've had experience of this with companies that we've work with where the owners say "Oh I don't think NLP will work here." They were right and

Hypnosis, The Power of Suggestion & the Media 

Hypnosis, The Power of Suggestion & the Media

HypnosisAs human beings we are incredibly responsive to the power of suggestion which is an extremely important part of our existence.