Empowering Beliefs For Meetings, Trainings & Presentations 

Empowering Beliefs for Meetings, Trainings and Presentations

Here are some of our top tips for Empowering Beliefs which are useful if you run a training, presentation or meeting.
Everyone has own unique model of the world - We all experience the world we live in according to our filters and preferences we have when paying attention to what is around us.  When you are presenting, each person has their own unique model, so if you think that everyone's model is the same as yours then think again.
In order to have rapport with another person, it is essential to respect their model of the world  - Respect it even if you approve or not.

The POWER of Your Mind 

The Power of Your Mind and Focus

Your mind is infinitely powerful and at its core, functions on the same level of intelligence as the universe. You are like the universe, you are pure intelligence.

This in itself is not hard to believe when you take into account that every second of the day you have available 10 to the 10 to the 11 possible neurological connections within your body. That’s a massive number and yet we are marshalling and utilising 10 to 15% of them at any one given moment. This is being  controlled by you at the unconscious you truly are a limitless, walking miracle!

The truth is that the only thing that keeps you from accessing all of your power is your mind and your beliefs that you don’t actually have the power.

NLP Coaching vs Self Help 

NLP Coaching vs Self Help

People who use the self help approach to resolve their problems or creating change will usually follow the advice of self help books, You tube clips, TV shows, CDs, DVDs, seminars and web based material from internet sites.

When using the self help process, it's YOU that has to provide the energy, guidance, support, wisdom and direction to learn as well as doing what you feel is necessary to achieve your goals.