5 Principles For Success - NLP Coaching

5 Principles For Success - NLP Coaching

In terms of NLP Coaching these 5 Principles For Success are very useful. In fact for creating the mindset for success and achieving your goals these 5 Principles For Success are extremely useful! Let's take a look at what they are:

1. Know Your Outcome -

The truth is that not many people know what they want. There are lots of people out there that know what they don't want and you probably hear them telling you all the time. "I don't want another relationship like that one!" "I hope my new boss isn't the same as the last one!" "I don't want to put on weight again" The problem is they are focused on the wrong thing and the outcome isn't clearly defined. Instead you need to have a clearly defined, positive outcome in mind because without an outcome then you're not going anywhere.

2. Taking Action -

A goal without any action is just a dream! You know people who talk a good game and they tell you about all the wonderful things they are going to do but never actually do anything about it. If you want to create something new, if you want to achieve a goal then you have to take action in the real world.

3. Have Sensory Acuity -

What does that mean? Is means you've got to tune into what's going on. If you are taking action towards your goal but you are not getting any results then you need to be aware of that and adjust your course of action. You can only do that when you are open to the feedback.

4. Have Behavioural Flexibility -

This ties in with having sensory acuity. If you are open to the feedback then you can easily identify what's going well and what's not working and then you must have behavioural flexibility. That is you must be prepared to do something differently to change the results. If it's not working, then it's not working and that means you need to do something else.

5. Operate from a Physiology and Psychology of Excellence -

In a nutshell that means that all your thoughts, how you speak and how you behave are aligned to achieving what you want. If not then you are not aligned, your are not congruent and that reduces the likelihood of you succeeding or makes the results less predictable. If you have doubts or "stuff" that's stopping you then my Personal Break Through Program is a fantastic performance enhancement toolkit for ensuring you succeed in achieving all your goals.