Advanced Linguistic Influencing Master Class


This Brand New Training Reveals The Fastrack Way to Master Language

The Most Powerful System To Easily Learn To Fully Use Influential Language Patterns...

We are Hypnotherapy Experts, Leaders in the field of Conversational Change and are delighted to bring you the most ADVANCED form Linguistic Influence and Powerful Persuasion Techniques Training in the market.

Language Secrets so powerful, they can...

  • Reframe anyone and open the mind of even the most stubborn
  • Instantly melt away emotional blocks and limitations
  • Create profound change in a person’s beliefs and strategies

Just imagine how easily you will be able to....

  • Defuse hostile exchanges guiding them to peaceful alignment
  • Change the prospective and the meaning on any and all problems
  • Create the kind of communication you want in your relationships
  • Encourage, resource and inspire clients, staff, family and friends

Enrol on this Training QUOTE "MTS200" & SAVE £200.00

This Training is one true short cut to becoming a Master of Language.

Driven by our passion for language and our first hand experience of how potent and powerful mastery of linguistics can be, we have nurtured a desire to devise a system of training to make attaining the level of expertise easily accessible to everyone. This quest has culminated in the launch of our 4 Day Advanced Linguistic Influencing Master Class Training is a must have is you want to create significant changes in your life.

Here's a quick summary of all that you can expect when you book your place on the Advanced Linguistic Influencing Master Class Training:

  • The building blocks of language - what really is being said to you and how to respond
  • Quantum Linguistics Questions set the scene and blow their boundaries
  • How to sound logical whilst ambiguity and confusion spiral people beyond their objection or problem
  • How to flow effortless and unconsciously with precise powerful Language -  Anywhere Anytime with Anyone    
  • How to grab and control people’s unconscious attention by being aware of  what they are NOT
  • Learn to recognise and utilise how to use reframing which makes everything easy and possible
  • Discover exactly how to use mind bending language to create instant change
  • Have access to The Advanced Linguistic Influencing System of Success
  • Learn the proven Advanced Linguistic influencing Strategies for Creating Change
  • Plus... Hot Words to fuel your quantum linguistic skills to create the perfect conditions for covert influence
  • How to positively resource someone with the use of powerful, unconscious linguistic bridges
  • Discover the art of overcoming any objection, be a powerful reframe of anything and anyone

Enrol on this Training QUOTE "MTS200" & SAVE £200.00

This system has been put together (and is proven) to make understanding how to use language, how to really be influential, easy to learn & easy to utilise in this unique format.

Whether you are a parent, teacher, mentor, trainer, or coach, whether your in sales, customer services or management. Even if you are a NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner or Trainer, this exciting 4 day format Advanced Linguistic Influencing Master Class will teach you the in-depth tools that will get you to the advanced level, creating for you a significant shift in your ethical powers of influence with yourself and others.

 So book your place NOW and become a Powerful Potent Magical Communicator for Change.

Dates: 13th to 16th October 2018 - Woking, Surrey UK with Colin McKay


Total Training: REGULAR: £997. QUOTE DISCOUNT CODE "MTS200" & SAVE £200.00!

Book NOW for only £797

BONUS: Book Now and You’ll be 1 of a handful of our students who gain FREE access to our new online version of this training which is due to be launched very soon. (Value £197.00) That means that you will always have an easy way to review the material at your fingertips, anytime you choose!

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