Awesome Outcomes - A Case Study

Awesome Outcomes - A Case Study

Sandra and Graeme (A Case Study)
They have been together for five years and have an undeniable love for each other, but for the past couple of years the tension has mounted between them, causing them to have less and less quality time for each other and the miscommunication between them has seen them drift apart to the extent that they were living separately when the sought out the help of our Relationship coaches here at Mind Training Systems.

When we first sat down with this lovely couple it was obvious immediately to us that they had a genuine love and respect for each other and truly did have the best of intentions and a strong commitment to their relationship, they just needed help.

To summaries what was happening, after the initial few years (the honeymoon faze) where they had been managing more by accident than design to hit each other’s deep love strategies enough to ensure that the polarity attraction was functioning well enough to keep the passion and excitement that was creating the wholeness and feelings of completeness within the relationship. Their busy and pressured life style had created a complacency that had allowed old patterns and strategies to emerge, they both started to focus on what they didn’t want. In brief we met with them together for a couple of hours and got down to the root cause of their miscommunication, then we scheduled session with each of them individually and help them to let go of once and for all the negative emotions, patterns and decisions that they had held onto from the past that they were filtering each other’s behaviour within the relationship through, basically looking for the things that they either feared or didn’t want and very effectively projecting that onto their partner.

During this process we taught them both about active listening, both to themselves and their partner allowing them to easily modify their language creating an instant and profound positive effect on their focus. We also got them to a clear understanding of what was important to them in a relationship. Once we were all happy that change had been created individually we then sat back down with them both for the most exciting part of the process, where we aligned their values and reactivated the deep love strategies that had drawn them together in the first place, once this was done the creation of their joint goals and loving future was easy.

The reason for me sharing this with you all is we offer Personal Break Through Sessions that are specifically designed to teach you these same skills, and to let you know that we got a card just recently with an invite, Graeme proposed and Sandra accepted and they are happier than ever before and confident they now have the tools to ensure their passion and relationship will grow and flourish all of their lives.