Covert Hypnosis and Why You Should Study It

Covert Hypnosis and Why You Should Study It

What if someone else seemed to be able to control you?

What if your thoughts and actions were not entirely of conscious control?

Whoa....sounds a bit spooky? It’s all about the power of suggestion and hypnosis. Your curiosity that motivates you to find out more comes from the idea of control that’s mentioned in the first two lines.

Covert hypnosis or subliminal hypnosis takes the idea of putting something (like a suggestion) below the surface of our consciousness that is distanced and covered from direct perception. The unconscious mind has the ability to register ideas and suggestions that are made out of our conscious awareness and then action them accordingly.

Convert hypnosis and subliminal messaging has been an important aspect in many fields, it can be found in main stream media channels, advertising through to sales. Of course companies and other agencies want to use proven methods for persuasion! It’s vital in the quest for selling products, services AND ideas. There is no better way to achieve this than by utilising convert hypnosis techniques that appeal to the masses. Indeed, marketing companies spend huge amounts of money to have subliminal messages woven into the fabric of their texts in print, audio and video advertisements.

So how can you as an individual protect yourself from covert hypnosis and subliminal messages? The surest way to beat these covert attempts to persuade you is to learn all about the techniques. Because then you can become conscious of the methods that are being employed and therefore choose your response with volition. It’s easy to equip yourself with this essential knowledge by attending our Conversational Hypnosis Training with Colin McKay

You can find out more about our Conversational Hypnosis Training with Colin McKay

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