How to Improve Self Awareness for Personal Development and Spiritual Growth

How to Improve Self Awareness for Personal Development and Spiritual Growth

One of the key aspects of any personal development program or indeed spiritual growth is to become self aware, to understand what is going on under the skin, to be sensitive to watch is present in the mind.

And really to increase awareness is to become aware! It’s a practical exercise. All too often people set off on a path of personal development or spiritual growth and they read lots and lots of books, they attend a multitude of seminars BUT they never do anything with the wealth of information they have gathered. As Israel Regardie so accurately puts it in The One Year Manual:

Reading does very little to bring one to any kind of realisation of one’s divine nature.

This exercise is about improving not just your self awareness but also your concentration.  It should be practiced daily for about one month and you need probably about 15 minutes to complete it. To make things easier, I’ve also created a recorded version and you can get this audio by completing the sign up form below.

The outcome of this exercise is that you probably feel a deeper level of relaxation than before you started it, merely by watching and observing mental and physical tensions they tend to dissolve. By repeating this exercise each day you will improve your self recollection function, your self awareness as you become more mindful and conscious of what is going on inside. Without self awareness and a consciousness of what is present in your mind (and/or body) then personal development work or a spiritual journey becomes very difficult. Carl Jung said that:

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

You become conscious of what was unconscious via this self discovery exercise and then you can heighten your consciousness of a greater number of sensations of which you were previously unaware and that means that your personal horizons, your view of yourself, has expanded. And so the development work begins.