NLP Master Practitioner Training


NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training

Join Catherine Jackson and the training team for Mind Training Systems advanced NLP Master Practitioner Certification Program. This is an outstanding 5 certifications in 1 transformational 14 day live training course:

NLP has a solid history of results that extends back to 1975. It has been proven and successfully used with verified leaders in business, athletes, politicians, financial tycoons, the military and every successful Coach in the world also uses it.

"My NLP Master Practitioner experience with Mind Training Systems was excellent. Catherine and her trainers obvious enthusiasm and in depth appreciation of the subject was infectious and combined with a true desire to get the best out of all of us made this one of most memorable trainings I have experienced."

David InceChief Executive, Business Mentor and Coach


This NLP Masters Program is specifically designed to provide you with the latest advancements and insights in the exciting field of NLP.

Accelerate your journey to success with our advanced NLP Master Practitioner certification course. Now is the time to transform the skills from the Practitioner Level training material to compelling and dynamic new heights of excellence.

Included in our Masters Program is NLP and also the essential modalities of Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis, NLP Master Coaching & Coaching Values Instrument® certifications. And there is no better company through which to experience, learn and master these powerful techniques.

Mind Training Systems advanced Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner certification training is the key to unlocking your full potential allowing you to gain control over your thoughts, your emotional state and your actions so that you can become a true Master of your future. 

"If you want the best training in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis and NLP Coaching with lifetime support go to the best in the business and train with Mind Training Systems. I have learnt so much from my trainings with MTS and I highly recommend all of the trainings - they are all life changing, taught with integrity and priceless for anyone wanting to evolve their life path."

Kelly Mayne, Owner Godalming Hypnotherapy & Coaching

Create a major breakthrough for yourself at our NLP Master Practitioner program, this is the proven way to create change in every aspect of your life and discover new ways to pass on that knowledge to others whether that's in business or in your personal life.

"There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path." -- Morpheus, in the Matrix


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NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training


Now's your chance to move yourself to the next level with this advanced NLP Master Practitioner Training. When you graduate you will be able to apply these powerful, essential technologies for producing human transform and change in the context of Business, Coaching Education, Personal Development, Relationships and also in a Therapeutic context. Let's take a look at what you will be learning at this advanced Masters training:

1. Certification in NLP at the Master Practitioner Level

NLP & Quantum Physics explained

•Simple introduction to quantum physics and the benefit of using the principles for NLP and personal change  

•The Holographic Universe and healing

•The physics of change and personal empowerment

Quantum Linguistics - the art and science of creating change through conversation

• Create change through conversation by discovering and becoming skilled in using "mind bending" language to covertly move a presenting problem into the persons past and then bring future solutions into the present moment

• Learn with ease, how to discreetly change limiting decisions and beliefs during conversation

• Discover how to utilise language purposely as a resource and to generate remarkable results

• Sleight of Mouth language patterns - 16 elegant reframes that allow you to answer whatever objections you are presented with

• Get to grips with using Meta Model III which is a specific set of questions that directs the thinking of your client to become positive and resourceful

• Discover the powerful techniques for detecting Prime Concerns. This will allow you to eliminate any deeply held wants, needs and the basis of unhappiness that are located at the unconscious level

• Learn a guaranteed negotiation model that always gets outstanding results

Meta Programs – the unconscious inner filters and the basis of your personality

• Learning Meta Programs provides you with accurate knowledge into personality types and a better understanding of self and others. That means you will be able to enhance your relationships and deal more effectively with others with these highly prized skills you will increase your results

• Explore Complex Meta Programs get into greater depths of the mind. This is valuable in leadership, parenting, coaching, sales, negotiations and education functions

• Plus we will share with you how to easily identify an individual's Meta Programs covertly, simply through conversation

Your Values – a source of your personal happiness

• Understanding your values is a vital part of this exciting program. You will learn about how your values were formed and you'll discover how your values influence your motivation.

• Learning about Values and how it affects your life and your results, you will discover the way to shift values hierarchy which will create transformational change.

• Discover how to get in touch with the parts of values that either aren't supporting you in your endeavours or no longer serve you. Then what to do to change and align values towards your goals

• Learn all about values alignment. How to align values towards a goal whether the context is your personal development, in business, in relationships, in management or in the context of sales

Parts Integration - for resolving internal conflict

• An advanced explanation of parts integration and how to resolve internal conflicts for the purpose of gaining clarity and increasing your results

Advanced & Innovative Submodalities

• Explore and then be able to utilise an individual's neurological drivers (which are hardwired) to make a lasting change

• Learn how to craft compelling SWISH patterns that fit with your client’s model of the world and their personal requirements

Advanced & Science and Art of Strategies

• Discover strategy installation – you will learn this informally and formally 

• Learn advanced strategy elicitation techniques that are appropriate for specific business functions like sales and marketing for example

NLP Modelling

• The basis of NLP and an extremely benefical method of discovering, then learning and installing an excellent behaviour or skill within yourself.  

• You will model a board break – many of our students tell us that breaking the board is a pivotal moment for them as they realise what IS POSSIBLE for them in light of having broken the board. You can watch the video below to see this process in action

Innovative Skills for Presenting and Up to Date Training Design using NLP

• Learn how to create and put together a compelling presentation that is appealing to all personality types

• Discover the secrets of how to be successful at NLP Trainer's Training - how to be an influential and charismatic trainer and leader


“... a very high level of technical excellence with tremendous integrity and a strong focus on results. The training delivered by Catherine and her training team is transformational and life-changing. Mind Training Systems post training support is second to none. I recommend Mind Training Systems whole-heartedly.”

Alison Witter, Owner at Think Change - NLP Coaching

2. Certification For Time Line Therapy® Master Practitioner

Talk to experts in these amazing techniques, you’ll be achieving your advanced certification from Trainers who have solid experience and expertise in this modality. The exciting topics you’ll cover will include

• As a Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy® you will know how to best use this powerful modality to assist yourself and other people that you are working with to transform and accelerate on the path of personal evolution

• During the training there will be an opportunity for you to review the material from the Practitioner Certification

• We will share with you the essential step by step process of taking a detailed personal history

• Master your skills with advanced explanation to release negative emotions

• We will teach you how to do a break - through session. You will then experience this process as a client as well as facilitating a personal break- through session which is a minimum of 5-8 hours. Whether that's in the context of coaching or therapy or in business or education. 

• How to eliminate any beliefs that are creating limitations and also limiting decisions that might be present with an added new dimension and advanced explanation

• The Anxiety Model - you'll discover this state of the art model which explanation how anxiety is created and then the step-by-step process for letting it go thus allowing the individual to dramatically improve their results

• We will share with you all of the vital components of model for Creating Your Future®

• We will explore the enlightening and vital Relationship Paradigm

• You will learn about the Drop Down Through technique and importantly when it's appropriate to use it

• Discover the benefits of the amazing Pain Paradigm for getting rid of chronic pain

• Creating a practice and how to select clients

Put yourself back in charge of your destiny and in control your life

• You will learn how to uncover any hidden unhelpful patterns or internal blocks that operate at the unconscious level - a skill set that you will be able to apply for self and others

• Discover how to use Time Line Therapy®  techniques for regression

• Eliminate any unwanted emotions that have continued to trouble you

• Gain further knowledge about the healing potential of the body and the connection that has with emotions

Design and then create the future you truly want 

• You will learn exactly how your focus is creating everything that is in your universe and in your future

• You will become crystal clear about the distinction that exists between Certainty and Hope

• Eliminate limiting decisions and beliefs

• Discover with mastery, visualising your future, that means it becomes the most compelling & motivating outcome possible


3. Certification for Hypnosis Master Practitioner

• Together we will explore a number of different hypnosis techniques. Focusing on the Masters of Hypnosis: Milton Erickson, George Estabrooks and Dave Elman. You will have an experience of different style of hypnosis including permissive and also the authoritarian style of hypnosis. Plus you will also discover and experience how to combine both styles to create results.

• With the level of mastery that you will achieve at this training, you will be able to induce all these amazing hypnotic phenomena in yourself and other people. This includes experiencing the exciting phenomena of full-body catalepsy, which you can see here being demonstrated by two of our magnificent NLP Master Practitioner graduates.

• Discover the true healing potentiality that the body has as we explore the paradigm for healing with the use of ideo-motor signals.


4. Certification for NLP Master Coach

It's important for you to know how to really master coaching. Whether you are in business, education or you are in a performance enhancement setting because Coaching is becoming one of fastest growing industries in the world. The opportunities for you to be a success coach with the material we are going to share with you during the NLP Master Coach segment of the training, are incredibly exciting!!

· Learn the full body of knowledge needed to create an ongoing client/coach  relationship

· The Business of Coaching - you will discover how you can find your first clients and how much to charge

· Understand Values Systems, a way of thinking about the differences and complexities of human existence. This is vital knowledge for becoming an effective Coach - to understand your client's Values Level Thinking. We will be focusing on material from Spiral Dynamics, Dr Clare Graves and the latest developments in this area that include the incredible Values Level Inventory which we will teach to use with precision.



Our complete and comprehensive Masters Program is an advanced certification training that meets the requirements of the international ABNLP, American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming certification board and also the Coaching Division of  the ABNLP. This means that you can book this training safe in the knowledge that your certification is recognised worldwide. Our Masters training also is endorsed and has approval from the TLTA,  Time Line Therapy™ Association and the ABH, American Board of Hypnotherapy.

You can book with us with confidence because as with all our Trainings and Seminars we offer all our students and graduates a Life Time of Support.

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Location for this exciting training is in Woking Surrey, UK. The training venue is easily accessible by road, rail or air and we have a comprehensive list of accommodation too.

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Mind Training Systems - Our Masters Program includes certification in NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis, NLP Master Coach all at the Master Practitioner level. PLUS Coaching Values Instrument®

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